CME Programs

Dallas Regional Medical Center is pleased to offer our medical staff the HMA Physicians’ Online CME Program.  Designed to be user-friendly, the program is web-based so you can earn the CMEs at a time that is convenient for your schedule.  After registering, you can access your profile and start earning credits immediately. Your profile may be viewed at any time, and as each program is completed, the  CME certificate or transcript can be printed from your computer.  

Technical Requirements are:
1. Computer with an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer
2. High speed internet connection such as DSL
3. Adobe Flash Player installed in your browser  

Please make sure you have all of these requirements before starting the program, otherwise, the program may not run properly. The instructions are on the bottom of the CME program’s home page.   Due to the impact of the video presentations on the HMA internet network, the program will not work from any computer within the hospital, but only via an outside internet connection.    The web address is:   For more information contact Teri A. Antonucci, CME Manager at HMA, (239) 348-4366.